Enlightened by the star of our charism, let us, Sisters of St. Joseph and those who join us in Mission, gather now into one holy union.

“Our life together
Is a sign of unity,
Giving us strength and vitality,
In the church and in the human community.” (Constitution)

Give us the grace to look beyond all divisions. Show us the oneness that all are called to be.

“In mutual trust and respect,
We recognize our diversity of gifts
And encourage one another in our mission.” (Constitution)

As we journey together, guide us to the source of all community. Infuse our hearts with one desire, and bring to the fullness of your one love.

“United in prayer and the sharing of faith,
We grow in love for one another
And in our willingness
To be responsible and accountable
For our life and mission.” (Constitution)

Gracious and loving God, bring us this day closer to our goal:

In living a life
Of dependence on the Creator and Sustainer,
In imitation of Gospel values of the Redeemer,
And in response to the movement of the Spirit,
The Sister of St. Joseph
Gives witness to her love of God and neighbor
By living simply
And by working for a more just society.

We ask these graces through Jesus, your son and our brother. Amen.

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